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Scoreboard Companies, choose a Company that Makes Theirs in Australia!

When selecting a scoreboard company, there is one clear choice. Mr Scoreboards! We have been in the scoreboard business for over twenty years and are very proud that all our scoreboards are made right here in Australia. All our scoreboards come with a two-year warranty.

We are a full-service scoreboard company that offers a broad range of scoreboards to meet any and all of our customers' needs. We offer indoor scoreboards that can be used for a variety of sports and will be useful for almost any scoring event in your facility. Mr Scoreboards also has an extensive selection of outdoor scoreboards, ranging from basic to major venue scoreboards.

Different Types of Scoreboards

Many customers rave about our custom LED scoreboards that allow message integration into the scoreboard. Based on the client's needs and desires, we can include a personalised video screen in the scoreboard. We also offer electronic scoreboards for indoor or outdoor use.

We are particularly proud of our manual scoreboards. This scoreboard won an Australian design award and is patented. As a result, this design is exclusive to Mr Scoreboards and cannot be offered by other scoreboard companies. This scoreboard is provided in a broad array of configurations.

We are Your Custom Scoreboard Company

We get many questions about the process of designing and manufacturing a custom scoreboard. Many customers are intimidated by the process and are otherwise inclined to settle for a standard design scoreboard. You don't have to accept a standard scoreboard as you do with most other scoreboard companies. There is a simple process to develop your own custom scoreboard that will give your venue that "Wow Factor!"

You should first contact our sales staff at Mr Scoreboards. If you have a particular design in mind, you can start by providing us with a sketch. If you are building or remodelling a facility and you have an architect who has set specifications for your scoreboard you can provide those to us. If you don't have a particular concept in mind, no problem, we can design some mock-ups for you! You can provide us with some basic dimensions and what features or activities you wish to score. You can decide whether to include video, LED signage, etc., and we will do the rest.

We will then provide you with a mock-up, and can then fine-tune the features and size of the scoreboard. Our design team will make suggestions and allow you to personalise your one of a kind scoreboard. Once the design is finalised, the scoreboard will go into production. There is one very significant advantage we have over other scoreboard companies, in that we manufacture our scoreboards right here in Australia. This allows us complete control over the fabrication process, rather than relying on a third party supplier ensuring that your scoreboard will be manufactured to our exacting standards and will be delivered on time.

Contact Mr Scoreboards today to start the process of designing the perfect scoreboard for your league or venue!

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