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Scoreboards come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Most people take them for granted when they see them at sports events, but thereâs a lot more to a scoreboard than meets the eye. For example, these days you can buy an electronic scoreboard that can show you much more than just the score. You can display information about the players, special events that are coming up, and a multitude of other messages. Youâre not just limited to single colours either â with LED technology you can display messages in multi-colours too.

Take for example a cricket match. There's a wealth of information you need to convey, such as the score, the run rate, how many runs each batsman scored, which over you're in, and so forth. You can't very well do that with a manual scoreboard â at least, not easily anyway. For these types of sporting events, you need an electronic scoreboard that you can manage from a control panel.

Where to Buy and Electronic Scoreboard in Australia

If youâre looking for electronic scoreboards, then thereâs only one place to go. Mr Scoreboard. With over 20 years of experience in building and distributing scoreboards in Australia, we are ideally placed to offer a custom or off-the-shelf option for any size venue. We have provided scoreboard solutions for the smallest park match, to the biggest stadiums, so we really know what weâre talking about!

Perhaps you are a coach or owner of a local team and need a scoreboard. We can discuss with you the information you need to convey and design you a bespoke solution that will do exactly what you need. For example, do you need a simple scoreboard for a soccer team, that just shows the current score? We can do that for you easily. Do you need to add more information to your scoreboard, such as the time left to play? We can do that too. Moving up the scale, we can even add details such as playersâ names, and give you the ability to add the team names in electronically too â rather than just saying âhomeâ and âvisitorsâ. Everything is possible with a scoreboard from Mr Scoreboard.

Moving Scoreboards into the Present Day

Gone are the days when you had a manual scoreboard with those pesky number plates that you hang on hooks. Now, you can wirelessly change the score on a beautiful LED screen that is big enough for everyone to see.

All the scoreboards you can buy from Mr Scoreboard are made in Australia and come with a two-year guarantee. You can use them both inside and outdoors, and you can use them for a variety of different sports if necessary. Do you have a netball team and a volleyball team? Why not invest in an electronic scoreboard that you can use for both games?

At Mr Scoreboard, we also pride ourselves on the quality of our boards. In the unlikely event you experience an issue with any of our scoreboards, you can just call our service team who will be happy to assist. We can quickly replace or repair boards if necessary.

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