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Buy a Dependable Custom LED Scoreboard for Your Next Event

Are you thinking about upgrading your facility's manual scoreboards with new electronic scoreboards? If so, consider our custom LED scoreboards at Mr Scoreboards. These reliable and proven products will light up your sporting venue with robust score tracking and easy-to-read LED scores. Best of all, we can design your LED scoreboard so that it includes your team name, logo and other identifying features. We can even incorporate message signs or custom video screens into your scoreboard. With a design from Mr Scoreboards, you will really look professional.

What to Think about When Buying an LED Scoreboard in Australia

If you are looking to buy an LED scoreboard in Australia, the chances are that you are considering the pros and cons of different types of electronic scoreboards. In this market, there are two options worth looking at - incandescent and LED.

It used to be that incandescent scoreboards were a preferred option to LED scoreboards. Incandescent scoreboards would last longer and display their score numbers more brightly and visibly. LED scoreboards, meanwhile, had dim numbers that were difficult to read—but especially at certain angles.

Nowadays, the tables have turned. When you buy a custom LED scoreboard, you can depend on a few things. First off, LED is brighter and easier to read than it once was, and doesn't have the same viewing angle issues that used to be standard. At Mr Scoreboards, our custom LED scoreboards are easy to read from 80 metres away—if not farther.

The other factor that makes buying an LED scoreboard a much sounder investment than buying an incandescent scoreboard is lifetime cost. Incandescent scoreboards tend to cost less up front, but use roughly ten times the amount of power that LED scoreboards do. Especially if you plan on using your scoreboard for multiple games, events or practices each week, the energy savings that LED boards provide will start to add up over time.

Enjoy the Unique Look of a Custom LED Scoreboard

If you decide to buy a custom LED scoreboard from Mr Scoreboards, we will collaborate with you to design and manufacture a scoreboard that is completely suited to your needs. What is your sport? We can build scoreboards for a variety of different athletic events. How big do you need the scoreboard to be? We can design boards in a range of different sizes. Do you want special features, like team names, messages or media screens? We can add those features at an additional cost. Is dependability your top concern? All our scoreboards come backed with a two-year warranty.

A custom LED scoreboard will add a unique and attractive aesthetic to your sporting venue. In addition to providing a unique look, a custom scoreboard that is easy to read and that offers extra features like messaging or video can drastically improve the experience of your audience. A good scoreboard makes spectating easier and more fun.

Are you interested in buying a brand new and custom-made LED scoreboard in Australia? If so, Mr Scoreboards is the right company to provide what you need. Call us on 1800 049 539 to learn more about our custom design options.

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