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Buy a Custom-Made Scoreboard or Update Your Existing One in Australia

Perhaps your school has a scoreboard that is falling apart after years of use, or maybe you need a brand-new scoreboard for a new sports league. Regardless of what you need, you can count on Mr Scoreboards to provide high quality custom scoreboards to suit your needs. We have been supplying organisations like yours with an extensive range of manual and electronic scoreboards since 1987. Regardless of the sport at hand and regardless of your budget, we can surely find something that will work for you.

Update Your Existing Scoreboard

At Mr Scoreboards, our speciality is providing custom scoreboards in Australia. These scoreboards look great and serve their purpose well. Each new scoreboard is also backed by a two-year warranty so that you can buy from Mr Scoreboards knowing that you are getting a dependable and high quality product.

If you don't have the budget or inclination to purchase an entirely new custom made scoreboard, though, then you might opt to update your old one. For instance, manual scoreboards can feasibly last for decades with the right upgrades. Indeed, the biggest problem with these self-scoring boards is that, over time, some of the numbers used for scoring tend to be misplaced or lost.

Mr Scoreboards can help with that conundrum. Our manual scoreboards don't use detachable numbers or letters. Instead, they utilise digital scorers to keep track of scores. In other words, they strike a happy medium between the cumbersome manual scoreboards of old and the high tech, more expensive digital scoreboards of today. The digital scorers allow you to keep score at your events in a no-frills fashion without worrying about losing the numbers.

We can replace the detachable number system of your old manual scoreboard with our digital scorers. It's easy for us to attach our digital scorers to existing scoreboards so that you can enjoy a more modern (and usually, more up front) scorekeeping system. In fact, with a set of digital scorers, you can make your old and outdated manual scoreboard look like a brand new custom-made scoreboard.

Learn More about Mr Scoreboards or Buy Our Custom Scoreboards Today

Whether you are looking to update an existing scoreboard or purchase a brand new custom scoreboard design, Mr Scoreboards is the company to approach for assistance. It doesn't matter if the sport is baseball, basketball, football, netball, softball or hockey: we have a scoreboard or a digital scorer set that will do the job.

An out of date scoreboard can turn keeping score at an athletic event into a real headache. Not only is it tough to keep an accurate score with missing numbers or broken digital scorers, but it is also harder for the audience to see what the score is. With Mr Scoreboards, you will get a custom-made scoreboard that is built to last and easy to use, and that offers up to 80 metres of visibility. Trust us: both your scorekeepers and your spectators will appreciate the change.

Are you looking for custom scoreboards in Australia? Call Mr Scoreboards on 1800 049 539 to learn more about our available products.

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